Power Balls: Brownie Energy Truffles


Surviving that 4 o’clock slump can be tough. I’ve been there, or should I say, I go there…daily. That’s usually when you grab whatever you see to snack on, or hit up your co-workers candy draw. The best thing I’ve learned through my healthy eating journey is to always, and I mean always, be prepared. I take snacks with me wherever I go. I am kind of like a preschooler in that way. I have little snack packs in all of my bags.


When packing a snack, I always aim for something well rounded, have some protein, healthy fats, fiber…all things that will give you an energy boost without that blood sugar spike that will leave you feeling way worse.


Energy balls are an amazing invention. I can’t take credit…I am not sure who thought of them, but I’ve been seeing them everywhere. The good thing about energy balls is that you can customize them to your needs and come up with so many different variations.


I am allergic to nuts, which definitely limits my options drastically. I’ve added seeds before, and they come out great, but I wanted an energy ball with a chewier and smoother consistency, kind of like a brownie.


I put medijool dates in the food processor with a tablespoon of coconut oil, some cacao power, hemp seed powder and maca powder. That’s it! – Five simple ingredients, and they taste like brownie batter! What can be wrong with that?


I can literally feel the energy pass through me when I eat them. They will definitely get you out of that 4 o’clock slump and give you the healthy energy boost to get through the rest of the day.


Dates are high in natural sugar, which gives you that burst of energy, but they are also high in fiber. Your body takes a long time to digest them, which prevents a blood sugar spike. Hemp seed powder is a full complete protein, and maca powder, a Peruvian super food, uplifts your mood and gives you a major energy boost. You can buy maca powder at health food stores, Whole Foods, or order it online. Raw Cacao powder is also a mood lifter and can help stimulate endorphins. Raw cacao powder helps improve blood flow to the brain, which actively increases energy levels. Seems pretty magical to me. All of these ingredients together with a little coconut oil for some healthy fats work amazingly well together to create a true brownie power ball.


Throw some in your bag for that 4’o clock slump, fuel up pre or post workout, or have some for breakfast; You can’t go wrong with these brownie power truffles. Hope you love them as much as I do!


Power Balls: Brownie Energy Truffles
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Snack
Serves: 12 balls
  • 12 medijool dates, remove seeds, the softer they are the better
  • 1 tbs melted coconut oil
  • ¼ cup + 2 tbs cacao powder, separated
  • 2 tbs hemp seed powder
  • 2 tbs maca powder
  1. Place all ingredients except for the extra 2 tbs of cacao powder in a food processor and process until a big ball of date goodness forms to one side.
  2. Roll into balls, then roll into remaining cacao powder.
  3. Refrigerate to harden, enjoy!


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